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Innovative Floor Cleaning Machine

Mop / Vending Concept

An innovative solution for floor cleaning in gallery areas, a floor cleaning unit, a compact cleaning machine that provides professional cleaning, a floor cleaning machine required for floor cleaning in small and medium-sized areas with high density; Blancus.

It will bring many practicalities in cleaning.


You can share all your questions and suggestions with us, our sales experts will be proud to share with you all the details you want to know about our product.

Standing Upright

It provides a harmonious appearance and takes up less space with its ability to stand upright with its locking mechanism without leaning on a ground.

Flexible Structure

Functional design with flexibility that can clean easily and effectively during use.

Easy Control

Simple to use floor washing, cleaning, mop vending system

Floor Cleaning Brushes

It provides professional floor cleaning just like floor washing machines.

Easy to Clean

Your practical and professional assistant in cleaning small areas.

Blancus Floor Cleaning Machine

General features

Genus: Brushing – Washing – Vacuum Drying Machine

Type: New model with 180 degree rotation

Usage areas : Mall, hospital, school, office, corridor, refectory, wc, lobby

Ground structure : Granite, marble, tile, epoxy, pvc, wood, natural stone …

Technical Explanation
Theoretical performance 1200𝑚2/h
Cleaning capacity with 1 tank 600 𝑚2/h
Theoretical working time on 1 charge 2400𝑚2/h
Detergent capacity of 1 tank: 30ml
Battery cycle life 1500-2000 cycle
Battery type 2 x 8 Ah / 24 V Lithium
Working width 46cm
Theoretical cleaning capacity 1800𝑚2/ hour
Practical cleaning capacity 2000 𝑚2 / Hour
Total power 700W
Fresh water tank 4 Lt
Dirty water tank 8 Lt
Brush pressure Net 22kg
Brush cycle 2 X 200 rpm
Weight without battery / with battery 18 / 22 kg
Weight Battery + Water 25
Dimensions 120 cm x 50cm x 38cm
Packing dimensions 127x60x40 cm
Cardboard volume 0,30𝑚3

Circular Cleaning

It provides easy grip with its circular movement feature, circular brushing provides walking and cleaning at the same time.

Floor Trolley Set

Compact cleaning set containing other cleaning equipment required for your general cleaning works on a floor trolley specially prepared for the Blancus floor cleaning machine.

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