Blancus 45

New Generation Cleaning Machine

New Generation Cleaning Machine; The constantly evolving and changing environment we live in is shaped according to the needs required in the cleaning conditions, the innovative cleaning machine Blancus designed for all needs is capable of responding to your modern cleaning and hygiene needs, the most pollution is on the surfaces in In our living areas, the use of water or cleaning solutions is more hygienic to make the floors cleaner. It provides cleaning, however, since the floor washing machines for floor cleaning of small and medium-sized areas cannot be used because of their large size, they were trying to clean them with traditional mop sets, which did not provide the necessary hygiene, this traditional mop cleaning mixed dirty water with clean water, there was no deep friction on the surface, mop It provided many disadvantages such as not being able to be pressed from the dirt sufficiently, the water in the mop buckets and the mop cloths to smell, and the traditional mop use took more manpower, energy and time.

Removes all these problems in floor cleaning Blancus Floor Cleaning Machine It works with the working principle of known floor washing machines and a compact New Generation Cleaning Machine It is a professional cleaning machine that has dirty water and clean water tanks and can deliver clean water or cleaning liquid to the floor to be cleaned, penetrates deeply with two cleaning brushes, sucks the dirty water from the surface cleaned with the vacuum system and draws it into the dirty water tank.

Usage Areas

You can use the new generation floor washing machine Blancus in many areas. To list some of them;

Plaza floor cleaning, Office floor washing machine, Shopping mall floor cleaning, Market floor cleaning, especially since the shelves are narrow in the markets and the areas such as the market are frequently dirty, the blancus floor cleaning automat will be very practical, It will be practical as a clinic cleaning machine, hospital floor cleaning machine, examination rooms As floor cleaning, operating room floor cleaning machine, gallery cleaning machine, it will help you in the cleaning of the floors of narrow areas, as well as providing professional cleaning in cleaning many floors in hotels, New Generation Cleaning Machine will make a difference with its stylish appearance.