With the new generation floor washing automat, you will provide much easier and practical floor cleaning, the innovative floor cleaning machine blancus, which can be easily driven with its compact structure, can clean the floor while driving, and can perform floor cleaning even in narrow spaces with its flexible structure.

There are two separate water tanks, one of these water tanks is for clean water, if you want, you can provide better and disinfected cleaning by adding cleaning solutions into this clean water. The liquid is transferred from the clean water tank to the floor, thanks to the two brushes at the bottom of the cleaning machine, the floor and floor are cleaned with clean water.

On the other hand, dirty water is drawn into the dirty water tank thanks to the suction hose of the cleaning machine.
Thus, floor floors are cleaned in a clean watery, brushy way, even if this cleaning is possible with mop sets with conventional methods, this cleaning method has many disadvantages, for example mixing of clean water with dirty water is not hygienic.

Thus, the Blancos floor cleaning automat provides hygienic cleaning by keeping dirty water and clean water in separate chambers.

In addition, thanks to the floor cleaning brushes located under the cleaning machine, it provides powerful and effective cleaning.

The areas that Blancus floor washing machine can use are generally the cleaning of the middle and small areas, to list these: hotel lobby floor cleaning, hotel bright floor cleaning, site common areas floor cleaning, office floor cleaning, store floor cleaning, shopping mall floor cleaning, market floor cleaning